Cell phone monitoring urinary output

Urine output (UO) is usually measured manually each hour in acutely ill patients. Patient monitoring devices reduce the workload of the healthcare .. of measuring urine output every minute using a photoelectric cell that.
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Uric Acid Test (Urine Analysis)

Severe infections, such as sepsis , blood loss, or other trauma, may also lead to a loss of urine output by causing the body to go into shock. This state of shock reduces blood flow to organs such as the kidneys. The kidneys cannot make urine without this blood flow. Shock is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention.

Doctors will aim to stabilize the person first before performing tests to determine the underlying cause and start the appropriate treatment. Some medications may also cause a loss of urine output, and low urine output is one of the most common symptoms of acute kidney injury.

As a study notes, a few different medications may cause acute kidney injury.

These medications include:. Other drugs, such as chemotherapy drugs and immunosuppressants, may be harmful to the kidneys in general. A person taking these medications regularly should ensure that they drink enough to hydrate their body before taking the drugs. People with a higher risk of kidney injury, including those with diabetes mellitus , may also wish to check in regularly with a doctor for tests to monitor their kidney function.

Kidney failure is a less common cause of low urine output. People who have an increased risk of kidney failure, a history of chronic kidney damage, or repeated acute kidney injury leading to chronic kidney damage may be more likely to experience significant kidney failure as time progresses. Doctors will regularly test people who are either at risk of or have experienced a loss of kidney function. With early detection, there may be ways to halt or at least slow the loss of kidney function. If it progresses to total kidney failure, the person will need advanced treatments, such as dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Causes of nephrotic syndrome

Sometimes, the underlying cause of low urine output is obvious, for example, a transient sickness. In these cases, this symptom should resolve once a person takes on more fluid. However, anyone who regularly has low urine output should see a doctor. Anyone who is experiencing symptoms of shock should seek emergency care.

Likewise, anyone with anuria — a nearly complete to complete loss of urine output — should seek immediate medical help. A total loss of urine may result in permanent damage to the kidneys. Doctors will first want to rule out simple causes of this issue, such as more common illnesses. They will ask about any medications that a person uses and may order other tests, such as an ultrasound or CT scan, to detect any physical blockages. Seeing a doctor as quickly as possible is important to diagnose and treat an underlying disorder.

Prompt treatment may help minimize or prevent long-term damage to the cells of the kidney. The cause of low urine output can often be as simple as not getting enough liquid into the body. Ensuring that a person who is sick or physically stressed gets enough liquid may help combat low urine output that is due to dehydration.

In other cases, low urine output may be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, such as cancer or significant kidney failure. The answer is very simple.

Blood Pressure : Urine tests and high blood pressure

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How Does the Urinary Tract Work?

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