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The messages are frequently updated to the account automatically so that you know about any happenings at that very instant. The cost of this app might be worrying you a bit. There are lots of other facilities that this app has to offer other than just monitoring the iMessage.

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  4. Not to mention, there are Android SMS tracking and other cross-platform features as well. It might happen that your child decides to shift to android and no more be using iMessage. Well, mSpy is capable enough to track other instant messaging apps present in Android devices as well. You can visit the website to know about the full functionality of the app.

    How many children can you track at once? What if I have more than one child, how can I tell which ones are sending the messages?

    Cheaters Can Get Caught with This Clever iPhone 7 Setting

    Hi, Gabe. At once you can track one child. One subscription anticipates one child. How to track an iPhone for kids? With one account you can track a few, each having a separate subscription. Or, switch from one to another periodically within one account.

    Monitor iPhone with Mobistealth Advanced Features

    For kids, they usually provide discounts. Feel free to contact the customer care team. My ex-husband has been using this App to spy on messaging between my son and me. Does this work on the most current iOS for Apple? As of ? So even if they are not syncing your iMessages they are still available to view? Hi, Kwatts. Yes, it works for the most current iOS, provided a user knows iCloud credentials and no 2-factor authentication is required. Spying on the smartphone is needed by parents, employers and suspicious spouses. It is possible to keep an eye on your loved ones with the help of spy applications.

    With plenty of spy apps in the market, it can be difficult to make a decision and choose the right product. While choosing the spy product, read the offered features, see the ease of use and check customers feedback before making a purchase. In this article, we have listed out the 10 best spy apps for iPhone so as to ease your purchase decision.

    Spyic is the best phone spy app. It enjoys a trusted and reliable reputation endorsed by major media outlets.

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    Spyic helps you monitor the conversations and calls that happen through the target device. In the threaded view of messages and iMessages, you are able to see the complete conversations and enjoy reading them as if you have the target device in your hands. Similarly, you can see a complete log of incoming, outgoing and missed calls. Besides phone number, you can view the contact details, call timestamp and call duration. Know more about the frequently contacted people by looking at their profile photo, name, phone number, email address, residential information, and other saved details.

    Get synchronized with their calendar. Spyic retrieves the information from the Calendar and Notes. The GPS based location feature enables you to track the location of the target phone in real time. See the pinpointed location at the map to know where exactly the monitored person had been.

    You can also set up the Geofence boundaries and receive notifications when the boundary is crossed. Yes, we know your loved one may be a fan of trendy social messengers. With Spyic, you get access to all media files of the target device. You can see photos, videos, and all media exchanged over social media apps. Moreover, you can view all installed apps. Spyic is a web-based iPhone monitoring solution. It can be accessed online via any web browser from any device.

    How to Intercept Text Messages Without Target Phone for Free

    You can spy on iPhone without installing software. Instead, Spyic will use active iCloud credentials of the device to synchronize data from the iCloud backup. Take a breath of relief! Spyic is a No Jailbreak cell phone monitoring solution. Unlike its competitors, the complete functionality of Spyic can be accessed in a No Jailbreak mode. Spyic is built with cutting edge technologies to sneak inside the conversations of third-party apps without jailbreaking the iPhone.

    Spyic is a reliable solution, entrusted by millions of customers across the globe. It is a completely legitimate app. The intuitive and intelligently designed user interface makes Spyic user-friendly. Even a non-technical user would not need a tutorial or user guide to see how to use Spyic. The powerful monitoring solution can be set up within a couple of minutes for the target iOS device in the simplest manner. See live demo here! Cocospy is the best phone spy app for iOS devices without jailbreak. It is a leading and reliable software with millions of satisfied customers.

    Cocospy is a perfect balance of features, performance, and affordability. It is compatible with all versions of the iOS. It is a web-based iOS monitoring solution that can be accessed from any web browser of any device. There is no need to install any app on the target device or jailbreak the device.

    Just enter the iCloud credentials of the target device to set it up within a few minutes.

    If you can't send or receive messages on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    When done, you can monitor the target device remotely through your online Control Panel. See live demo here and explore the tool yourself. There is no virus or malware in it to steal your information. Moreover, Cocospy does not require jailbreaking of the device. Therefore, it does not cancel the warranty or expose it to vulnerability.

    You can access all the features of the Cocospy cell phone monitoring solution without jailbreaking the device, especially the monitoring of messages and media files exchanged over third-party applications.

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